SCOTUS denies expedited review of Cuccinelli’s ObamaCare case

The Supreme Court this morning announced that it will not expedite Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s ObamaCare lawsuit.

The court’s rejection was entirely expected.  In a statement released this morning, Cuccinelli admitted that “[t]he Supreme Court rarely expedites cases under its Rule 11. Expediting our case would have been the exception and so, although disappointing, this is not surprising.”

In his petition to the court, Cuccinelli wrote that “[g]iven the importance of the issues at stake to the States and to the economy as a whole, this Court should grant certiorari to resolve a matter of imperative public importance.”

Doug Kendall of the left-leaning Constitutional Accountability Center mocked the lawsuit and its supporters.  “Today’s entirely predictable ruling should be the first of many that denies Supreme Court review,” wrote Kendall. “Proponents of this lawsuit have tried to frame it as a hugely important constitutional challenge steamrolling to the Supreme Court. It is, in fact, a nothingburger.”

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