NJ judge dismisses ObamaCare lawsuit

Yesterday in Trenton, New Jersey, U.S. District Judge Freda Wolfson threw out a little-known lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Wolfson ruled that the two plaintiffs, Nicholas E. Purpura and Donald R. Laster, lacked legal standing.

“[I]t is clear that these allegations fail to establish Plaintiffs’ standing to challenge any of the provisions of the act,” wrote Wolfson.

Purpura, 68, feared that he would lose access to Medicare Advantage, while Laster, who is disabled, argued that he would be taxed on medical devices that cross state lines, and that he would have less access to certain drugs.

Purpura and Laster, who represented themselves in the case, made other, more unusual allegations. They argued that Obama was not born in the United States, making him ineligible to be president, and therefore voiding the Act that he signed into law. They also asserted that the Act is unconstitutional because it violated both the First Amendment (by exempting Muslims and the Amish) and the Fourteenth Amendment (because it funds “historically black and minority serving colleges and taxes tanning salons”).

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