Using Google Places To Grow Your Business

The mobile industry has been enormously growing this year and Smartphones have been the rave of marketing lately as well. But, what about those local companies that don’t know what to do? Or those mom and pop shops that have no clue about what to do next or how they could compete with those other companies that are on that high technology wave.

Playing around with my Blackberry Bold I was playing with an application called ScanLife which scans various Barcodes for merchandise in department stores along with Google Places which is a great way to put your business now on the map. Literally you could put your business on the map with a specific QR Code for your local business.  So, now people with mobile phones could scan in Barcodes and could see the information that you highlighted in your Place on Google.

Benefits Of Google Places

  • Easily and inexpensively highlight your listing on Google from Google Places.
  • Potential customers in your local area will see what you think is most important or unique about your business.
  • Track the effectiveness of your tag with your Google Places dashboard.
  • You will be charged a low $25 flat monthly fee, with no bids and no keywords required.
  • There is no additional work or ongoing management is needed.

Google Places has something called Tags which is how you could place the benefits of your company. You could list:

  • Photos of your business
  • Videos of your business
  • Coupons for your listing
  • Menu for your restaurant
  • Reservations page for your business
  • Posts for your business

Google Places is a great form of getting your specific business out there now so people could see your business and give you the opportunity of growing a lot more as well. To get the exposure that you want in life you have to stay ahead of your competitors and I doubt a lot of businesses are using this right now. So, make sure that your company is.