Use Your Website to Build Your Email List

One of the most important things that you could do is focus on building your email list.

So many times I’ve heard that you should brand yourself. That you need to brand yourself and be everywhere.

Well that won’t matter really if you’re not making any money. Who cares that you’re branding yourself when your broke and you have no list, no money, and nothing happening within your business.

What you need to focus on is making sure that you’re building your email list. That you’re focusing on building a list that engages with you and that will be glad to open your emails and buy products from you.

That’s what you need to focus on!

Nothing else!

I know some people might think I’m wrong or that you should do other things as well too but you need a list. The money isn’t in the list but the list is your foundation of a good business. A list won’t go away when their is an algorithm change, privacy settings change, or any new social media

I know that one of the biggest problems I had was how can I grow my list? I realized very soon that the way I can grow my list is by offering information that’s exclusive to people that join my list, also when people join my webinars you have to enter your name and email too that will add them to my list.

You have to find what will work for you but with your website you need to start thinking and leveraging your website as your email collector. Find ways to build your list consistently and build a relationship with them!

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