Understand What You Don’t Want In Your Business

I never thought about the various things as to what I don’t want in my business until a month ago. I mean it’s something that people never really talk about. In the internet marketing industry we talk about traffic, conversions, seo, social media, webinars, and a lot more of things but we don’t talk about what we don’t want.

Things we don’t want to do.

Things we do want to do.

People we want to be around.

And people we just would want to stay far away from.

This was something I had to learn on my own. If I probably learned this simple information earlier in my career it would of probably saved me some money because I would of realized that I didn’t want to do anything but write content, create videos, and focus on traffic.

Anything outside of that I honestly didn’t want to do.

But if no one is teaching you these things then how are we suppose to know? If you don’t have a mentor how are you going to know these things? You’re not!


What I want you to understand is that business is not hard when you know things that you don’t want to do. Now I’m not talking about outsourcing right now. I’m just talking about the mindset of understanding what you don’t want to do.

Have you honestly thought of in your business everything you don’t want to do? Like literally write out everything that you wouldn’t want to do?

If so in the comments below share with me 5 things you wouldn’t want to do in your business.

Mine are:

  • Editing blog posts
  • Editing videos
  • Writing transcripts for podcasts
  • Editing podcasts
  • Talking on the phone with prospects

Those are just a few things I would not want to do in my business.

So you would only think that I would create a business so that I wouldn’t have to do those things right?


So many people continue to do the exact things that they don’t like to do in their business. They work on products they don’t like, promote products just to make money, create niche sites just because they feel their in the best niche, and the list goes on and on.

The focus should be “What do I NOT want to do” and then find the business and products that will help me do just that.

That’s probably the best advice I could offer any person right now because I know for myself it has been a very long time since I realized I didn’t want to do those things above. I enjoy focusing on writing and producing content and sending traffic and that’s it.

Anything else outside of that I really don’t like to do and I’m not going to do anymore.

Figure out what you don’t want to do and find the business that will provide you just that. The business I fell into was affiliate marketing and Empower Network because they offer me everything that I want.

Find what you want.

In the comments section share with me 5 things you don’t want to do in your business. I would love to know.

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