PopUp Opt-In Forms Become Annoying

I just deactivated my pop up opt-in form with WP Subscriber (affiliate link) because I was actually getting annoyed with it. I’ve read a lot of content that shares their opinions on this matter but when I asked a couple of people in my community they said they honestly hated the form and most of the time they would leave my blog because of the number of times the box would open up when someone was trying to view content.

Well, that wasn’t good for me.

That would mean that my bounce rate would be increasing and my readership decreasing so I would be losing out on potential blog readers which is never a good thing.

I know I’ve gone to a lot of blogs that have the pop up opt-in forms and they say they receive thousands of email subscribers but when I finally reached out to a lot of them they say that they don’t. That most of their email subscribers come from opt-in forms that they have at the bottom of their blog post or in between their content on their “about me” page.

I know you’re probably asking yourself why is that?

You have to figure that people come to your blog to know about you and to learn about the content that you’re writing. So, those would be the main places where your email list would start to grow at. So, why have a pop up opt-in form when your biggest areas are your “about me” page and at the bottom of your blog post?

Your email list is one of the most important areas of online blogging that you can’t overlook. To build a responsive community you must have an email list. When you realize that, you need to focus on your email list you will start to test different areas of where your opt-in forms should be placed at.

When I did my spring cleaning of my blog I realized that my pop-up form was only bringing in 10% of my total email subscribers and my commenting system and email opt-in form at the end of my blog post with Wp Subscribers (affiliate link) was bringing in the 90% I decided to let it go.

Plus it was annoying my community. But, I’m going to share with you:

3 Ways to Test Your Email Opt-In Forms

You’re always going to want to test your email opt-in forms to see which are working best for you and which ones are just not bringing in any traction at all and it’s pretty simple on how you do this part of your blog.

Step 1: Create different opt-in html codes for each section of your blog to see which area is receiving the most opt-ins. This step is easy, all you need to do is go into your email hosting account and create different list names so that you can track to see where the bulk of your opt-ins are at. I know that a lot of people don’t do this because they’ve either never heard about doing it or their just lazy and don’t want to do the extra work. You still can insert the same autoresponder information, you just want to test to see where the bulk of your opt-ins are coming from. When you do this part you’re going to see where you can take away your opt-in forms to have a cleaner overall design.

Step 2: Ask the community where they opted into your list at? Location wise! The easiest test is to just ask the community where they opted in at. You can create a survey at Survey Monkey and put in the different locations where your email opt-in list is at and then just send that out to your email list. Once you get the results back look over and see what your community told you and then just clear out all of the opt-in forms that aren’t performing well. The cleaner your design is the better it’s going to be for you so you can have main focus areas of your blog for people to opt-in.

Step 3: This last step to test your email opt-ins is something I thought about doing in the spring and summer is clearing out all of my email opt-in forms and just having one opt-in form above the fold on my main page when people visit. I’ve seen this work out amazingly and people have seen great results with this too. I’ve looked over this strategy and seen that people do opt-in a lot more with this strategy and tend to be more in tune with your entire blog. If you’re a bit hesitant about taking this approach then that’s fine but this is always an option. The reason I say above the fold line is because people’s attention and eyes are lazy and you want to attract their attention as soon as they get on your blog. So, if your opt-in form is right above the fold line their better off optin into your list.

I’ve tested both step 1 and 2 and most likely going to be testing step 3 in the next month on my blog as well. These are three different ways you can test your opt-ins for your email list to see which areas are performing best. If you’re not testing your email list then I hope after you finish reading this blog post that you do because it’s very important.

If you want look at these examples of above the fold blogs that have great opt-ins:


I came here thinking about getting a pop up opt in form but your post made me think otherwise. What do you think about a pop up opt in form that doesn't pop up again after you've subscribed once? I know it gets annoying, but my experience is that I usually just 'X' it. Because oftem times, the info in the site I'm at is too good to make me wanna leave. But nevertheless, just wanna ask how's your testing going and how are the results for you compared to the pop up opt in? Cheers!

Justice Wordlaw IV
Justice Wordlaw IV

Well, I would hope that any pop up form that you use won't pop up again after a person subscribes to your email list. That would just be very annoying and wouldn't be in the best interest of you at all. The testing has gone quite fine. As you can see I only have one email opt-in on my blog and for my upcoming new business their would be a bit more different touches to that one. Thanks for stopping by.

Jacko like.author.displayName 1 Like

Hey Justice, you post brings attention to something I have been thinking about also.


These new pop ups are annoying.  

In my opinion they come off like those obnoxious ladies who used to spray you with perfume or cologne when you walked through the mall.  Who responds to this positively?  Bots maybe.


Thanks for posting. Please help us select the best websites in the wold #IBCT.


Hey Justice, you post brings attention to something I have been thinking about also.   These new pop ups are annoying.   In my opinion they come off like those obnoxious ladies who used to spray you with perfume or cologne when you walked through the mall.  Who responds to this positively?  Bots maybe.   Thanks for posting. Please help us select the best websites in the wold #IBCT.

Ben Norman
Ben Norman

I've never been able to understand the success some people report from these pop over email opt in forms. Nothing puts me off a site quicker than something like that, if I want to subscribe I will, so for that reason I've never been near them. Having said that I've always wondered whether I'm missing a trick, some people report fantastic success rates with them so I'm glad to read that this may not always actually be the case. I now wonder if their links sometimes go to affiliate schemes for the system in question... maybe that's just me being cynical! Testing what's most successful is certainly the best solution in my opinion. Making sure the reader notices some sort of call to action to subscribe, whilst leaving the decision to them is the approach I'm currently trying to take. A well written, interesting article, cheers :)

justice wordlaw
justice wordlaw

Thanks for stopping by Ben and offering your opinions on this topic. I do have to say that testing different areas is going to be the most important. As you can see on my blog now I'm just offering that one area when you come onto my blog to enter into my email list by receiving my guide. The popup opt-in form just got a bit annoying in my opinion and I wanted it to leave.