Marketing Resources

I have tested, used, and put into place a lot of different tools and resources to use over the last couple of years for my business. A lot of the tools I have used have worked out really amazing and some were just a waste of time. What I’m going to suggest to you here are resources that I have used that have assisted me in creating systems for my business to make it easier.

Their are a lot of tools that are out in the world for you to use and you probably won’t get to all of them. What I’m going to do is share with you some of my resources that I use for my niche sites, product releases, joint venture releases, and other business deals that I’m apart of.

Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliated based. As you would already know I’m an affiliate marketer and take part into affiliate programs with other companies. If you purchase a specific product or service I’m liable to receive a commission off of that product or service that you purchase.

What I have noticed is that a lot of internet & affiliate marketers get caught up in the resources and forget about the systems. I don’t individually use these resources. I combine them together so they work as one to make my job easier. I create systems for my business so I can enjoy the life that I would like to have.


Email Hosting

Get Response: I’ve been using Get Response for about 4 months now (August 18th 2013) and I really enjoy the simplistic website and tutorial videos. I like how I could import messages and send out broadcasts to my lists. Everything within this system is easy to use and I was able to integrate all of my existing landing pages with this hosting company.


Hostgator: The only company I have ever used with hosting my websites, blogs, and niche sites. An easy system that they have created with a really good customer service reps as well. If you use coupon code “AIMS345421” you can receive 25% off.

Theme Frameworks

Genesis Theme Framework: I have been using Genesis since I created my first blog in 2008. With the easy backoffice and configuration their one of the best platforms to use. They offer a wide range of customizations that you could use and really easy to understand or outsource to a designer to create your site for you.

Volatyl Theme Framework: One of my close friends Sean Davis created this framework and this is a framework that I use for a couple of my wordpress websites. I love how simple this framework is to use.

WordPress Designs

Generate Child Theme: This is the theme that I’m using and have to say this has been one of my favorite themes to date. With the feature box up top and the great customization that you could do I have to say this is a great theme to have.

Lexicon Child Theme: Really stand out theme here. The design and overall customization that you could do is really amazing. Comes with a lot of pre set plugins that you could use and put together for the use of your own website.

News Child Theme: If you’re looking for a great refreshing theme this would be the one to go with. Already has the specific widget sections for you to input advertising or Google Adsense.

Keyword & Seo Tools

Keyword Spy: If you’re looking for a platform to research specific keywords and keyword phrases this is the website to use. They offer a great amount of information for keywords to see how well their being searched for and other competitive keywords within that same industry as well.

Google Keyword Tool: I’ve been using this platform forever. You can check to see the specific searches per month for keywords that you’re trying to rank for. Also, to see how much you should be bidding on specific keywords for your pay per click campaigns as well.

Get Links Pro: If you’re looking to increase backlinks and seo then this is a company you could look into to outsource that part of your business to. These are very important aspects of any website so you want to go with a company that does a great job. I have been using this company for quite some time now and really enjoy them. They offer some very affordable prices as well.

Landing Pages

Optimize Press: One of the best programs I have used to create all of my landing products for my informational products. This is a program that I use on a regular basis and one of the must have’s for any marketer.

Lead Rocket: This is a plugin that I’ve used to create easy landing pages in just a couple of minutes. You can check out the review that I created for this plugin here! Review on Lead Rocket!

Internet Marketing Courses

Viral Blogging Course: This is a blogging course that teaches you the 8 core commitments of blogging and how to make money with blogging. A course that I went through and go through at least once per month.

Inner Circle: This is a great personal development course that offers tons of audios that will help you increase your overall income for your online business.

Costa Rica Intensive: One of the best courses that I went through that shares the insight on how to create a team online and create residual income online easy.

15K Formula: This is a course that has everything that you would want to learn about online marketing. From solo ads to content syndication. This course was the reason that I stopped purchasing courses so far this year (2013).