4 Reasons Why People Fail at Internet Marketing and MLM

I’ve been doing online marketing for over 4 years now and struggled a lot. I’ve had my ups and downs within this industry and learned a lot along the way. Some of it I’ve shared with you in previous blog posts, but also I’ve kept something’s from you that I wanted to share that will help you bypass some of the struggles that I’ve had over the last couple of years on and off.

You see in the industries of internet marketing and MLM people seem to see more failures then successes. I always wondered why, because I see more success than I did failures. The people that I interacted with were creating residual income online from their laptops, traveling the world, enjoying their families and really creating the lifestyle that they wanted. But it still made me wonder what it was that people were doing wrong. Then I started to write about my path and started to understand it was some simple things that people were doing wrong.

The same exact things that I did before, people were doing now. It was kind of weird to think people would make the same mistakes, because it was so much free information on the internet that you would think people would have understood it by now; but I guess not. What I started to understand was five reasons primarily why people failed. You can place other things under these main categories, but they were just five reasons why most people would never see the results that they wanted in internet marketing and MLM.

Here they go:

 Not Having a Mentor

Having a mentor is very important to your success online. You will have the ability to learn from a person that has already been through the issues that you’re going to face. This person will understand how to address certain issues, and how to assist you with growing when you face many challenges. The issue that you might be having is you don’t have the money to hire a mentor or you don’t know where to look to find one. Well those two excuses shouldn’t exist to be honest.

If you’re going to be joining an MLM, than the person that you sign up under should be your mentor. You should have done enough research about thisbusiness-success-mentor-coaching person before you signed up under them to understand if they’re going to be a person that would be assisting you in the development of your internet marketing and MLM career. This shouldn’t be something that you should over look.

When searching for a mentor you want to look for a couple of qualities:

  1. Do they have the lifestyle that I would want?
  2. Are they offering information that’s exclusive to just their team of people that join them?
  3. Do they have the skills and mindset that will help me grow into a better marketer?
  4. Would I want to be them in five years?

Those four questions are very simple but also very powerful in trying to help you expand your understanding as to what kind of mentor you’re going to want to have in your life. Start writing down what you want to become over the next six months, one year and 5 five years and you will have a strong foundation as to what you should be looking for a mentor.


Not Focusing On One Online Marketing Strategy

This is something that you’ve probably never thought of doing, but is the most valuable thing that you could do for yourself and that’s focusing on understanding one online marketing strategy and just focusing on that strategy. Learning the ins and outs of how that online marketing strategy would best fit your MLM or internet marketing business.

You’re going to soon learn that there are tons of ways as how to drive traffic online. Both free and paid strategies and the sooner you can figure out which strategies you like you’re going to get better results for those. I know that you might run to the free strategies first such as blogging, Craiglist, forum postings and other things. But you also want to consider how saturated those areas might be and how easy it would be for you to stand out. When it comes to paid strategies you’re going to be more able to stand out quickly in your target niche, get people to your offer and collect conversions.

Plus you’re going to be more willing down the line to invest in your business since you started out doing that in the beginning.

So first what you want to figure out is who’s your target market of people and where do they hangout online. Once you do that you’re going to be able to pin point which marketing strategy would work out the best for you. Than once you do I recommend you investing in 1-2 products ONLY and learning how to really increase your knowledge of online marketing. I learned about most of my online marketing strategies from a product called the Costa Rica Intensive by a collection of internet marketers.

It went into depth on which strategies worked well for their businesses and how they were able to really make thousands of dollars online.

But you must stay focused on just one strategy because you’re going to be pitched tons of things online and if you don’t focus you will soon be purchasing too many products and not taking a lot of action.

Not Attending Events Consistently

Events are the biggest part of your business that you just can’t look over. Events are where you meet tons of people and you learn some amazing stuff. I attend a new event every 90 days to recharge my batteries, meet my team, and really invest more into my business by learning new strategies that are working right now in my business. The reason why you want to attend them consistently is that it keeps the momentum in your business high. You’re going to be around people that are pushing themselves to new levels and you’re going to receive that good energy and take that into your own business.

Attending events isn’t just about learning how to increase your business but also getting you away from your computer constantly. Since you’re having an internet business you will understand that you will be behind your computer a lot and feel like you’re lonely and have no one around to talk to. I felt that way from 2008-2011 until I started to attend events consistently, than I started to feel happier about what I was doing in my business. You will be able to talk to people face to face that you’ve never talked to before or wanted to.

Build joint venture partnerships and really get a sense for how these industries really work. If this is your first shot at MLM or internet marketing attending events in the first 6 months of you starting would be very important to your success. I know that if I would have attended an event when I first got online back in 2008 I would of cut my challenges down at least 60%, because I would of learned from the challenges that the speakers ran into already.

So if you haven’t attended an event yet look for one now and get to it.

Here are some pictures from my latest event I attended here in Chicago:

empower network event

empower network event

Empower network event

Not understanding which business to be a part of

When you finally realize that you want to be a part of these industries finding that right business to be a part of might be a little difficult. You’re going to run across a lot of people that would approach you to join their business only because they want to make money and not really trying to understand why you want to begin this adventure. What you have to decide is what companies offer products that are going to help you better both your personal and business life.

You want to research companies to see what kind of products they offer, their compensation plan and the community of people that are already in that business. Those three things are very important for you to figure out so that you make the best business decision on which business to join.

The reason why I joined Prosperity Team was because of the information they offered about online marketing and personal development. They had the leadership I wanted and really made it easy for anyone at any level in their online career to see results within the first 90 days. So I knew that I wanted to join this company because of everything that they offered to their community of people.

So really research different businesses that offer you valuable tools!

For more information on what I’m doing right now you can CLICK HERE!

When you’re starting out online in internet marketing and MLM you want to really make sure that you’re doing your best to get the best results possible. If you have been in these industries for some time and haven’t seen the success that you want, than pay attention to what I’ve shared with you above and really look at what you’re doing right now in your businesses and if this is really producing you money or just producing busy work.

If you don’t know the difference between the two than pick up a copy of Four Hour Work Week By Tim Ferris and read the entire book.

Internet marketing and MLM are two great industries to be involved with to make money online. You just have to understand that there are something’s that you want to pay attention to when first starting out so that you have the best success possible.


This was a great article.  Focus and the right leadership is key.  Thanks for the information I really enjoyed it.


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That's what I love about what we do. It is a combination of both. Focusing on one strategy is key. Trying to be a jack of all trades never works. Good post

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