5 Ways to Be More Productive In Your Day


How to be productive more in your day is something that you’ve wanted to understand more and more. You think to yourself why are you working longer hours and still have more work to do? Why are you still seeing tons of emails in your inbox and it seems like you’ve been answering emails all day long? The question that you have to ask yourself is how can you be more productive in your day?

I asked myself that question about a year ago when I was working about 6 hours per day in my internet business and just really having a hard time completing the tasks in my business. I wasn’t generating more money but I was working more hours and that didn’t make any sense to me. I continued to do that same amount of work but then my income started to drop. I wanted to change my life because I seen that if I continued to do this method that I was just doing “busy work” instead of “productive work” I wouldn’t accomplish anything.

So over the course of a year I formed a method that you’re going to be able to use so that you can have a better productive day.

Focus on productive work for 2-3 hours

When you have 8 hours in a day to do work or however many hours then you’re going to stretch your work to fit that many hours. Instead what you should be doing is trying to fit your work load into 2-3 hours of productive work and that’s it. You’re going to work more smarter to finish your projects and you will be better focused knowing that you have a shorter deadline to work with. Outside of those hours don’t do any more work. Start having your mindset change into focusing on short hours of work to maximize your output.

Start the challenging projects first and forget the rest

What you’ve might have done before is do all of the simple projects first and then save the challenging ones for later. Or just always say “ I will get to that later”. Instead you need to focus on finishing the challenging tasks first and then just outsource the rest of the projects or just not do them. Hire someone on Odesk or Elance to do the work that doesn’t need to be done. You don’t need to be a corporation to hire outsourcers. You just have to understand what tasks you want outsourced.

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Staying away from social media during productive hours

Productive hours should be spent doing productive work not browsing on social media and it’s so easy for you to d that. Log off of all social media websites and stay off of them while working. You will see your productive hours increase and your work load decreasing faster when you’re not bouncing from social media site to social media site. Understand that unless you’re one of the founders of these social media websites then stop being on there all day long while you should be doing work. Start by staying off of there for 30 minutes and then increase your time as your progress goes.

Set deadlines for all meetings

If you’re having a meeting face to face or online have a start time and an end time as to when the meeting will take place. Stop saying “choose the time and location”. Start having a start time and an end time with a location and stick with it. Have a pre written outline as to everything you need to touch on and send it out 24 hours before the meeting so both parties understand what needs to be touched on. When you start doing this for all of your meetings and cut out the chit chat part you will see you will have more productive meetings and they will actually end faster than you thought.

Cut out the cellphone

You might think that your cellphone is your best friend but in doubt it can be your worst enemy when trying to have a productive day. You’re probably emailing, texting, face time, calling, and everything else that your cellphone might do. You have to limit that access entirely. If you have an iPhone with the latest iOS then use that option “do not disturb” while you work so that you can focus on your productive work. If you need to leave your cellphone in another room. I know one of my close friends gives his cellphone to his girlfriend for 3 hours while she goes out shopping so he knows he won’t be on it.

Sometimes it has bitten him in the butt because she was gone for about 6 hours but oh well!

These five things on having a more productive day are all things you can do starting today. You just have to make the decision to start doing that now and not wait any longer. I recommend you start doing this and if you want to even have an accountability partner to help you along the way to stay on track with these goals so that you’re successful with making your days more productive.

Leave a comment below if you’ve done any of these strategies that I shared with you above or if you’re trying out anything yourself to stay more productive.

NickFromhold like.author.displayName 1 Like

I try to cut back the cell phone lately :-) it helpa alot!

Justicewordlaw moderator

@NickFromhold Yeah stop using my cell phone while doing work was very important. My success sky rocketed.


I try to cut back the cell phone lately :-) it helpa alot!


NickFromhold Yeah stop using my cell phone while doing work was very important. My success sky rocketed.