Focusing on Compound Business Strategies

Building a business is not easy whatsoever and a lot of the times it could screw you over in more ways than you could think. I know I learned this the hard way by focusing on all of the wrong things. But, as my friend Sean Davis says all the time I learned from those mistakes and just make sure I don’t do them again.

As I plan out what areas of my business I want to increase from last year and things I want to start doing more of I can’t help but realize that everything I now do has a compound effect to them. Meaning that one thing bounces off of another to help out another part of my business.

Where before I would work on singular parts of my business that wouldn’t increase the overall effectiveness of my business.

If that went over your head then watch the video below because I’m going to share with you how to grow your business using compound strategies that will help you out over a 30 day period.

YouTube Preview Image

These are some strategies that I’ve been using over the past six months that have helped me grow more email subscribers and make more money which are my two main goals. Other areas I don’t care as much for anymore since I really narrowed down my goals that I wanted to accomplish.

Focusing on compound strategies that will grow your business is the best decision that you can make. When you can start focusing on strong strategies that will grow your overall business you’re going to produce more results quicker and make more money faster as well.


Great post. This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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