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Certain Things you need to know about justice

Justice means the quality of being right. The moral principle of determining of which is right is called justice. The justice system of each country consists of series of laws at different levels. Anything can be termed as justice when it has the quality of being fair. The judges in the court are also called with title justice. The word law is a system of rules that are created by government to control the behaviour of people. Law helps to regulate and make sure the people follow them correctly. The laws are established by judicial systems of the country. To steal, injure any other person, to drive without responsibility, pollute the environment are against laws. Everyone in the society is equal before law. Be a millionaire or a poor man, rules applies same to everyone.


The law can be divided as criminal law and civil law. Criminal laws deal with intentional individual harm. Crimes such as theft, murder, rape comes under criminal law. Whereas civil laws deals with disputes between two parties. For example such as disputes on disagreements over the agreement, who owns the land, property disputes come under civil law. Family related problems like divorce cases, parental responsibility for children, child support, and property division also comes under civil laws. More proof of evidences is needed for criminal cases. The court has the full authority to dismiss a case. The most common laws are created by judges for case by case. Mostly the laws embody the basic moral values of the society. The laws will enforce limits on the conduct of individuals in order to enhance a healthier and safer community to live in. Everyone should follow the rules enforced by the government. No one is above the law. There are many universities which offer law as courses. After studying law, one person will become a legal and professional lawyer. A lawyer can help us with our cases if we have any. There are many websites to learn about the rules. One should know at least the basic rules for a living.
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