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The difference between part-time and casual work

In the South African working sector, The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) protects working individuals, including those working part-time or temporarily.


Casual workers in South Africa


Under the laws of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act,workers fit the profile, hence are protected, if they work for more than 24 hours a month. This means protocols are implemented to protect the worker in much the same way that the BCEA protects workers with permanent positions.


Workers who are exceptions and to whom certain laws do not apply include unpaid volunteers for charitable organisations, those working at sea (though they are protected by the Merchant Shipping Act), certain companies with fewer than ten employees, and members of national organisations like the South African National Defence Force or the South African Secret Service.


The minimum wage for casual workers is determined by the industry and is usually in line with that of permanent employees. Casual workers are granted the same holiday allocation as permanent staff. This is stipulated by the BCEA as a minimum of one day of leave for every seventeen days that have been worked. If this is not applicable, the same applies in terms of hours; for every seventeen hours worked, the worker gets one hour off.


Part-time workers in South Africa


Part-time workers in South Africa are those that work less than the average 45 hours a month.So if one works between 30 and 35 hours every month, one’s employment could be considered part-time. You will still be issued a contract and labour laws still apply if you have a fixed employment period whether it be mornings, nights, weekends or even one day per week.


If you have the necessary employment contract you are under the protection of the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Part-time employees are also immediately protected by the minimum standards set by the BCEA if they work for more than 24 hours per month.


A part-time employee is only distinguished from a permanent employee by the time worked, which is notably less time than that worked by a permanent employee at the same company. Part-time employees must be offered the same work-place opportunities as permanent employees when it comes to training and development and they should only be treated differently if it is justifiable by law. For example a promotion might be awarded to a full-time employee due to the fact that he or she is simply more experienced or produces a better quality of work – not because the employee is a permanent staff member.


Knowing the rights of your employees is crucial to running a successful business. If these are at all unclear or if you require legal services to settle a dispute, contact SERR Synergy for assistance in the form of labour relations for business services.

Choose the right equipment for school playgrounds

School is the first place for the children to begin for developing the social skills through interacting with their friends. Moreover, school plays the important role as the backbone for imaginative and fictional play for the kids. Especially, playgrounds in the school is also where the kids can learn the precious lessons about the teamwork, trust, patience and even following the rules too. As well as, it becomes the new approach of learning to give the best needs. So, if you are someone who looks for designing the playground equipment for schools, you should concentrate on so many things. Let’s see what are the things that you need to consider for installing the playground equipments.

Various apparatuses for the kids in playground

If you are planning to install the playground in your school or anywhere else, you should focus on various things like as follows.

  • Site and access
  • Surfacing
  • Playgrounds
  • Permits
  • Shade

After analyzing these things, it is better to start the work of installation in the best manner. There are five main types of the playground equipments available in the market and they are listed as follows.

  • Sliding
  • Spinning
  • Balancing
  • Hanging
  • Climbing

The best kind of the playgrounds can use all these kinds of the equipments for offering the kids with the vast range of features to learn more skills and they are as follows.

  • Slides – These are the conventional kinds of the playground equipment and they can be used in the schools to give the entertainment.
  • Spinning equipment – Even though it is the traditional model of the apparatus, the presently available things are quite dangerous for children. By considering the safety measures in your mind, you should buy the best.
  • Balancing features – These are now available in the different varieties which needs some skills to play. So, most of the kids like to enjoy such features.
  • Climbing apparatus – This is the most famous equipment for the kids and its availability of the unique shapes and challenges tempt the children to enjoy.

These kinds of the playground equipment for schools are offered through the internet shops and you can find more details about these things by searching online.


The Aftermath of Zwane’s Mining Charter

Mineral Resources Minister MosebenziZwane’s shock Mining Charter, which surfaced earlier this year and proposes at least 30% black ownership of local mines,has caused some worry about the trials of an internal restructuring of such magnitude within the South African mining industry. With the Central Energy Fund(CEF) under immense strain to regain financial stability after facing various challenges regarding its solvency and Zwane declaring himself the “executive leader” of the African Exploration, Mining and Finance Corporation (AEMFC), uncertainty within the industry abounds.


The question on every stakeholder’s lip, then, remains: will this be disruptive or conducive to mining operations profitability, or will mine planning and mining optimisation strategies have to compensate for the internal turmoil? As this seems to be an incarnation of the 2010 Cabinet decision to eventually convert responsibility from the AEMFC to the department of mineral resources, Zwane’s transition does not appear to be unheard of or unanticipated; this does, however, do nothing for the CEF’s current financial disarray.


With some resentment between the AEMFC and the department of mineral resources, as well as an apparent breakdown of communication between the AEMFC and the CEF, uncertainty about its current leadership pervades the mining sector.


With Zwane’s past of unsanctioned governmental intervention in South Africa’s mining industry, management wonders whether his stepping in with empowerment legislation will actually be brought to bear, as the third iteration of his Mining Charter has been said to set impossible and unlawful targets.


With a track record of seemingly impetuous and legally grey political movements, Zwane’s influence in the local mining industry seems to be breeding an air of hostility against the mounting governmental presence it has been accommodating since 2010. With a hand in the Gupta family’s take-over of Glencore’s Optimum mine and a series of self-declared promotions over various bodies, like the AEMFC and, last year, a non-existent interministerial committee that allowed him to harass banks about the closure of Gupta family bank accounts, Zwane’s integrity has undoubtedly been called into question.


Whatever the disarray within the industry, one can always be sure to combat uncertainty within one’s own mining project with mine planning and turn around strategies that’ll keep it afloat, no matter the overarching issues the industry faces.

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